What is Depression?

If you think it's just a kind of bad sentiments, you're trapped in yourself.

Don't ignorte it when you're alone, and when it occurs many times in your life. And don't try to make it reasonable, because it is not help yourself.

Why I said like that?

Because I have experienced that for a long time. I even can't have a good slumber at that period. I don't care that phenomenon as a signal that I can't regulate my emotions anymore.

You know you always can meet your another one in some period suddenly, including I. It's a really 'old school' story for you all.

Once on a boring course, I sit beside a girl. Maybe she is beautiful but I haven't noticed that for nervous. All I imaged is how to get her wechat code. And I have seen many kinds of rejecting scenes. Really miraculous experience though I always image some strange things.

How I solved this problem? Haha, by my eyes and her login account name in PC is her real name. So I get the contact method by the wechat group of our college. By a coincidence, I have to get someone's help to complete my homework. So it's a chance to approach somebody.

Luckily, she is a nice girl who's the only one helps me. Thought I pay the price of a cup of milk tea for exchanging this. I complete my homework and heart's work.

But terrible thing always comes after the happiness, though I should realize at the first. She's possessed to her boy friend, and she's in happiness. I can't give up the great feelings and can't 'dig the wall' (I don't think it's right expression in English).

So I begin to loss slumber in night and concentration in study. I try to exhaust myself by running far more I could. And it just works for several night. So I'm always a loser in love.

If you are patiently enough, you will find that I'm not share my story mainly. I want to say, the loss is not just begeted by love. But also depression in normol life. I am a self-based boy.

Depression is regular visitors in my life. I can feel it at many contexts. Just, suddenly occurrs to make you trapped in self distrust and disappear when you noticed unusual emotion.

So, you need to be happy more in life. Unless try to avoid contacting such guys like me, ha ha ha ha.

That's all my short sharing, welcome to communicate with me in the below comment system!